M.I.S.S. Foundation

I would like to thank Sami for introducing me to the MISS Foundation. Their Vision?

That our programs will serve to strengthen families and communities when a child has died, and that through education and research, we will help to reduce the number of child deaths. No family should have to endure the pain of a child family member’s death alone: The MISS Foundation is committed to building interdisciplinary communities that provide long-term support to families after a child’s death. We are committed to the memory of the children who lived, who died, and who continue- even in death- to matter.

“A community of sorrow is the strongest community of all.”

The website has a great deal of information, including Saying Goodbye to Your Child, Resources for Dads, and purchasing either “In Mourning” or “One Who Sours” wristbands. I decided to get the latter.

It looks like there are currently support groups in at least half the states in the US. Unfortunately, there is not one in Nebraska…yet.


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