I will be leaving for a long overdue vacation (the first one I’ve had since the conception of my first miscarriage in 2004, as a matter of fact) and without computer access.

When I return, sometime after the 30th, I will update any new requests as soon as possible. I will also try to get some additional links as well as some research reports up. I received some interesting data on recurrent miscarriages that I personally found encouraging. I’ll link to that as well.

This vacation coincidently falls on my due date of my third pregnancy that I lost in November. If I had not miscarried earlier this month, I would have been 7 weeks pregnant. So instead of daydreaming on the beach about a new baby, I will be daydreaming on the beach so I can avoid my husband’s niece who announced her pregnancy earlier this week.

My goal is to insure my son has a memorable time and that I enjoy every new freckle that he gets doing so.


Edited to add: Just a housekeeping note, since the dates are added to the Pages and not through Posts, this site will not show as updated in bloglines, or similar administrations.


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